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Rex has owned / created / initiated many types of businesses such as an accounting practice, financial advisory firm, online property portals, exploring upcycling current vehicles to electric vehicles, energy solutions beyond solar & wind & much more. Of late, he contracts as a Business Coach to share much of what he has learnt over the years with others.

Having children & the awareness they brought him, made him realise he needed to get more involved in innovating business towards helping the planet and others at the same time, otherwise his children would not have such a bright future. So, he invested in further innovation & startups with a stronger focus on the triple bottom line, being economic, social & environmental, helped his wife (Saskia) setup the Urban Farm Stall, in Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa – thereby enabling an example of urban living utilising permacultural techniques, met more amazing people along the way, was privileged to have worked closely with a Microsoft director, who presented one of his startups at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle.

This lead him down another rabbit hole of realisation. Many people are stuck in the paradigm of not knowing how to shift, adapt or change easily. And boy, did he realise how much he did not know about shifting himself!

This journey of self discovery, encompassed material from the Oneness University of IndiaQuantum Energy CoachingGregg Braden, Dr Wayne Dyer, Lee Carrol and many more great teachers.


This brought him closer to the point of understanding that there needs to be balance between western and eastern philosophy and that there is a whole universe beyond what we can actually see with our eyes. This world combines both quantum physics and what ancient mystics have been telling us for a long time – everyone and everything is connected.

But how can we work with these unseen energies to our benefit and serve our greater world?

What are the latest trends and modalities which could serve humanity for the better?

With all the change movements in the world, how do we embrace a positive change that actually works?

Welcome to Rex’s heart centred journey, as he looks forward to meeting you along the way …

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