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Foundation Course


19 Life Changing Videos which take you on an incredible journey:

Video 1 : Why this course is so powerful

Video 2: What is BAT to SCORE?

Video 3: Wisdom from one of the most influential people

Video 4: The FULL potential in every second of every minute

Video 5: Human transformation happening right now

Video 6: The power of words on water

Video 7: Consciousness has energy

Video 8: How we are linked to the planet

Video 9: What we can’t see but exists

Video 10: The power of our DNA

Video 11: Photos of Human Energy

Video 12: Solar Flares & how they impact us

Video 13: A very different view of our solar system

Video 14: The heart is not just a pump

Video 15: Our connection to the animal kingdom

Video 16: Life changing daily routine

Video 17: Heart Coherence – what it means

Video 18: Powerful Universal Alignment

Video 19: Thank You

The Foundation Course shows you a new way forwards – one of taking control of your own future!

Free yourself from all your old world constraints and download this ground-breaking course now!

Foundation Course Bonus Material  + 12 Powerful Intention Drivers

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