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“Rex comes from a serious entrepreneur backround in the property industry, which adds massive value in experiences being shared moving forward …”

I am Rex
Challenging and changing the sales strategy for selling homes What is behind the success of sales people who make it BIG?
  • Relationship building with the client?
  • Knowledge and professionalism?
  • Understanding the difference between benefits and features?
There is more to success than only the above mentioned points, which becomes very apparent in the Foundation Workshop below, which is not explored in traditional sales material and yet vital for moving forward …

In this workshop, you will explore the concept of BAT to SCORE:

Biology of the Heart-Mind connection

  • understand the basic quantum world
  • unconscious belief structures which are not necessarily helping with people dynamics


  • understanding of what is needed to change and using the latest tools to create / innovate the change you want, with HUGE results


  • how the tools are impacting / influencing your life and how to further “tweak” them, so that they work in your favour


PLUS we look at the 3 basic principles in selling using the Foundation understanding:

  1. Selling Benefits, not Features
  2. Listening
  3. Handling objections

Some Positive Outcomes …

  • Finding purpose in life which has a positive affect in the work you do
  • Understanding colleagues and clients better, which results in a much healthier and more positive work environment
  • Less time off being ill but rather more time spent being passionate about your work and searching for opportunities
  • A balanced outlook on life, thereby creating a solid foundation for enabling clients to feel confident in your ability to make one of life’s largest decisions
  • Happier staff = happier work environment = happier clients
  • Bringing directors and staff closer together in a positive way for the benefit of the company

“Find the joy in what you do”

“Helped me refocus my energies and to keep things simple when doing business”

Scott Tait ~ Chas Everitt Franchise Owner

Team Dynamic
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